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Posts by Dennis Stokes

Dad’s Deer Hunt

I’m not usually one for grip and grin photos with animals I’ve harvested, but this one was one I’ll be grinning about for a long time. Six years ago this week, I took my dad on a real western mule deer hunt. I wanted him to experience western style hunting so I arranged a hunt…

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Essential Backcountry Safety Kit

Backcountry Safety Tips

A friend of mine, who is not experienced at all, once got lost on a hunt with a couple of friends and their boys. He somehow got separated from the group, got turned around, and ended up spending the night lost and cold. The next day he showed up in a town 25 miles away…

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Deer Field Dressing Kit: The Essentials Explained

deer field dressing kit

When I was a kid growing up in the Panhandle of Florida, I was your typical country boy who loved to fish, hunt, and trap. Surprisingly, my parents never once took me camping so I was only left with my imagination and outdoor magazines about gear and equipment for adventures. One of my favorite nouns…

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What Hunting Gear Do I Need?

Hunting Gear

I know what you may be thinking, “This is too basic. I know this stuff.” Often times, the basics are easily overlooked, and just because you do it one way doesn’t mean you can’t garner ideas from someone else. Allow me to lay out this scenario for you. It is October 10 and the opening…

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