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Ultimate Hunting Pack

An ultralight pack system built for the backcountry hunter who expects more and never settles.

What other hunters are saying

“By far the best pack I’ve owned. And... I’ve owned a few.”
Troy Huggard

“The term coming out heavy was very real. Hind quarter and the full head. 4 miles, all uphill. I loved my Initial Ascent pack from prior experiences, but am amazed at how it handled the weight. I was definitely over 100lbs on this trip and had zero hot spots the next day. I was stunned, other than usual soreness from the miles and weight, I surprisingly felt great the next day. Buy gear you believe in.”
Chris Young

“The pack worked flawlessly and allowed me to carry out a moose in six trips.”
Jason DeWeese

“Love the pack. It’s awesome to be able to go out with a load.”
Trampas Meidinger

“The pack was a life saver! I weighed it when I got home and it was 100 pounds and due to all the features you guys put into the design allowed me to pack both elk out with no hot spots and rubs anywhere. The only part that hurt were the legs. Thanks again Sir!”
Elijah Hultman

“Day mode also works as a great upland game pack. I love my IAK 4 system, so many uses.”
Zach Diaz

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