The Integrous Frame is the foundation of our system. You might be thinking "Integrous"? What does that mean? INTEGROUS is a word not often used but simply means "with integrity". Integrous Frame It took over 3 years of research, development, and testing to finalize a solution. Our frame has gone through 16 (some subtle and some not so subtle) versions to get where it is today. Three groups of engineers helped out with the recipe, shape, and construction. This frame is what sets us apart from the other high-quality hunting backpacks in the industry and is result of unrelenting passion and detail. The triaxial weave carbon fiber composite structure provides the greatest strength to weight ratio on the market. We’ve tested every possible combination of materials, and we are confident in delivering a frame that is not only comfortable, but provides the ability to haul extremely heavy loads. The key to the frame’s design is its shape. The frame is wider than most all systems which increases the surface area of the load against it, therefore keeping more weight close to the body. This allows the heaviest load to be positioned in the center of your back by spreading the weight over your hips, minimizing muscle fatigue and shoulder strain. The frame also follows the natural curvature of your spine which helps keep loads closer to the body. 

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What separates Initial Ascent Packs from ALL the other packs out there?
 Simple. Our frame and suspension is second to none and is built to pack extremely heavy weights more comfortably than the competition.

It's all about trying to get the center of gravity of the backpack as close your body's center of gravity.  It's just physics.  

Torque (amt of work necessary)=Force x Moment Arm

Our pack is the only pack on the market able to carry quarters on the side by using the upper limbs of the frame and the notches for your rifle sling. This method was invented by Dave Beronio of R&K Hunting Co. Dave packs animals off the mountain for a living for clients and must make his efforts as efficient as possible, sometimes carrying all four quarters and loose meat in ONE TRIP. Carrying two quarters on the side puts the weight as close to your center of gravity as possible.

Hip Belt & Shoulder Straps

The hip belt and shoulder straps are often overlooked when selecting a backpack. At Initial Ascent, we make it a top priority to test every combination of foam, padding, and nonslip materials to give you the most comfortable fit on the market. All backs are different. That's why we make our hip belt lumbar padding adjustable to fit your individual needs. Through our unique design, you are able to quickly access the lumbar padding. This allows you to add or remove padding, providing the perfect fit for your back. Overlooking your shoulder straps can be extremely detrimental. Regardless of your frame and belt, it may be a long day in the backcountry without the correct straps. We make sure that every angle of the shoulder straps fits properly. Ever experienced worm burners down your spine? Our straps remove that uncomfortable sensation by protecting your neck, even when packing the heaviest loads. Designed specifically for the hunting environment, our shoulder strap padding holds up against substantial weight, ensuring comfort in all conditions.