Hip Belt & Shoulder Straps

The hip belt and shoulder straps are often overlooked when selecting a backpack. At Initial Ascent, we make it a top priority to test every combination of foam, padding, and nonslip materials to give you the most comfortable fit on the market. All backs are different. That's why we make our hip belt lumbar padding adjustable to fit your individual needs. Through our unique design, you are able to quickly access the lumbar padding. This allows you to add or remove padding, providing the perfect fit for your back. Overlooking your shoulder straps can be extremely detrimental. Regardless of your frame and belt, it may be a long day in the backcountry without the correct straps. We make sure that every angle of the shoulder straps fits properly. Ever experienced worm burners down your spine? Our straps remove that uncomfortable sensation by protecting your neck, even when packing the heaviest loads. Designed specifically for the hunting environment, our shoulder strap padding holds up against substantial weight, ensuring comfort in all conditions.