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Day Pack


Discover the perfect companion for your daily adventures with our versatile IA Day Pack. Designed for comfort and functionality, this compact backpack combines style with minimalist practicality. With durable materials and a sturdy design, it's the ideal choice for a day hunt out of your truck or base camp.

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IA3K Pack


Introducing the IA3K Pack, a game-changer in the world of small backpacks. The IA3K is a great addition to the most versatile hunting pack system on the market. With a spacious interior, dedicated gear compartments, and sleek aesthetics, it's perfect for hunters who need slightly more space for their 1-4 day adventures.

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IA5K Pack


The IA5K pack system is the flagship of the IA lineup combining a more functional version of the former 4k and 6k systems. Now with the sleek rolltop and the horseshoe-style main body entrance, this is what everyone's been asking for in the IA lineup. At 5200 ci, this design is perfectly suited for the 4-7 day extreme backcountry hunting adventure.

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IA8K Pack


At 8200 cubic inches, the IA8K is perfectly suited for the 10+ days extreme backcountry hunting adventure. The horseshoe zipper provides easy access to the large main bag with an added large expandable pocket for items needing quick access. The all new roll top feature allows the user to make this a sleek and compact 5500 ci (without lid) workhorse.