2023 Archery Elk Gearlist (4 days + 4 days)

2023 Archery Elk Gearlist (4 days + 4 days)

         Every time I get ready for a hunt, I have to grab a printout of my packing list for whatever style of hunt I’m going on and the quarry I’ll be after. This one will focus on my elk hunting gear list for 2023. It will be a 7-8 day hunt broken into two parts. We will be returning to the truck after Day 4 to restock and head back out.

        One would think that after years of doing this, I would’ve memorized the gear list by now, but I always find myself having to refer back to my checklist so I don’t forget anything. I don’t risk it and I recommend you not risk it either.

         Always get into the habit of going through your detailed hunting gear list several days prior to heading out. This will allow you to pick up any last minute items needed for your trip as well. You’ll be glad you did!

Base Pack Weight                        18.13 lb                                              

+ 4 days of food            6 lb           24.13 lb                                              

+ 3 liters of water       6.6 lb           30.73 lb               


Total Pack Weight     30.73 lb                          


Pack                     IA2K w/Pannier Load Carrier and Lid        96 oz     

Water Bottle      First Lite 32oz Nalgene                               6.5 oz    


Shelter & Sleeping                        

Tent                      Hyperlite Mtn Gear Ultamid 2 & stakes      22 oz     

Sleeping Bag      Enlightened Equipment 20 deg Quilt          20 oz     

Pillow                  Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow                       2.1 oz     

Sleeping Pad      ThermeRest NeoAir Xlite NXT                  12.5 oz     

Air Pump              ThermaRest NeoAir Micro Pump              2.4 oz                                            

Cooking & Drinking      

Stove                  MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove             2.6 oz    

Fuel                     Full 3.53 oz/100g                             7.1 oz    

Utensil                Peax Equipment Spoons                   0.4 oz    

Water Purification          SteriPen                               2.5 oz    

Cook Pot             GoHunt Titanium Mug                      4.6 oz    

Water Storage  Hydropak Seeker 3L                           3.2 oz    


Packed Clothes  

Socks                   1 pair Darn Tough 2012 Socks                    3 oz       

Underwear          1 pair First Lite Red Desert                       3.9 oz   

Rain Jacket         Kryptek Jupiter Rain Jacket                       12 oz          

Insulation            Black Ovis Anchor Point 800 Fill Jacket   12.7 oz     

Stuff Sack            Hyperlite Mtn Gear Stuff Sack Pillow         1.7 oz

Beanie                  Kryptek Arma Fleece Beanie                       3 oz          

Gloves                  Kryptek Krypton Glove                                2 oz        

Mid Layer              Kuhl Revel 1/4 Zip Sweater                      10 oz                                                             


Toothbrush/Paste                                    1.5 oz              

Dude Wipes & TP                                     4.1 oz              


Safety & Essentials       

Maps                                   On X Maps on Cellphone                          

Lighter                                Pyro Putty Dual Arc Plasma Lighter   2 oz        

Waterproof matches      Coghlan's Windproof Storm Matches  0.5 oz    

Gorilla Tape                      On poles            

Leukotape                          On Poles                            

Fire Tinder                         Pyro Putty 0.5                                          0.5 oz 

Fire Tender                        Nesbit                                                      0.5 oz

First Aid                              Sthealthy Hunter First Aid Kit                  15 oz     

Satellite Emergency          Zoleo                                                      5.3 oz    

Seat                                    Sthealthy Hunter Glassing Pad              6.5 oz     

Boot Dryers                       Grakksaw Backcountry Bootdryer          5.9 oz                                                            

Kill Kit                      

Stuff Sack                            IA Large Pack Sack                       0.5 oz   

Rope                                   Parachute Cord 20'                         1.1 oz   

Knife                                   Goat Knives Capra Hunter Ti          1.5 oz   

Trash Bag                           Contractor Bag                               1.7 oz    

Drop Cloth/Shelter         Hyperlite Mtn Gear Dyneema Cloth 96"x52" 3.8oz   

Game Bags                        Grakksaw Game Bags                    6 oz     

Hunter Orange                   IA Safety Flap                              1.8 oz  



Headlamp           Peax Backcountry Duo Headlamp             2.65 oz  

Battery Pack      Dark Energy Poseidon Pro                           9.6 oz   

Bag                      Small IA Pack Sack                                     0.3 oz    

Phone cord         Apple iPhone Charging Cord                       0.5 oz  

Micro USB cord                                                                       0.2 oz    

Extra Light          Petzl Mini                                                      0.9 oz    


Hunting Gear       

Range Finder     Sig Sauer KILO1600 6 x 22mm       5 oz        

Wind Checker   Dead Down Wind             1 oz        

Harness               FHF Gear FOB Pro      14oz                                    

Binoculars          Zeiss RF 10x42           34oz                                                    

Cow Call             Phelps EZ Sucker

Bugle Tube         Slayer                                 

Gear that is worn, or carried in…                                


Boots                   Crispi Laponia                                  

Base Top             Kryptek  Cronos Hoodie                                              

Mid Top               Mtn Ops Merino Hoody                               

Pant                     Kryptek Dalibor Pants                  

Ball Cap                                                            

Knife                    Goat Knives Nitro Tur        1.8 oz                                                             

Gaiters                Peax Storm Castle Gaiters

Trekking Poles  Peax Equipment Sissy Stix 16 oz



Bow                  Matthews Phase 4 27.5" DL 75#                                             

Arrow              RIP TKO                  

Broadheads   Annihilator 125 gn

Release           Scott Exxus

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