A Letter From the Soulful Hunter - Initial Ascent

A Letter From the Soulful Hunter


When was the last time you did something for the first time? Try to take yourself back to your mindset when you were there? Were you nervous? Unsure? Felt lost and maybe even overwhelmed?

These are all of the feelings and emotions that new hunters encounter without mentorship or prior knowledge. A little guidance and instruction can go a long way in filling someone with hope and a can do attitude.

My hope and vision for the hunting community is that people will stop having a selfish attitude for what they can personally get out of it. Rather, that they would be selfless and focus on giving as well as creating a legacy of love, passion and adventure.

For all of you adult onset hunters, I commend your efforts and encourage you to stick it out and reach out to us for help and guidance.

There is a reward waiting for the people who are persistent and willing to dig into something that teaches grit, courage, patience, and discipline. That reward is not necessarily a set of antlers or even nature's purest protein. It might just be the spark that your life has needed to truly feel alive. To be able to step out of depression and a lack of purpose and to be a part of something that is greater than yourself.

Friction and resistance is where gains are made in life. Anything that is worth doing is going to be difficult, require dedication and in the end provide a sense of accomplishment.

Maybe for a new hunter it is about finding what they are made of. Being still in creation and for the first time being without distraction or a constant buzz of society in their head and truly connecting with nature and their creator.

Whether talking about hunting or just life. One thing to always remember is, death brings life and it's not always about the animal. Sometimes it can be the death of our views, thoughts, ideology, and or our old-self.

This is what transformation through primal adventure looks and feels like. Welcome to the world of The Soulful Hunter.



Johnny Mack, The Soulful Hunter


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