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5 Things You Shouldn't Do When Turkey Hunting


5 Things You Shouldn't Do When Turkey Hunting

I should title this article, “5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Calling a Turkey In.” I am by no means an expert turkey hunter. I’ve had more birds run away from me than those that take a dirt nap. You may be different, but I would venture to say most would be on my team.


DO NOT MOVE. I repeat. DO NOT MOVE. If you’re calling a big old Tom in and he’s responding, do not move an inch. Turkeys have the best eyesight and can pick a needle out of a haystack. You are the needle and the woods are the haystack. It doesn’t matter how good your call sounds or what kind of camo you are wearing, if you move, you are done.


DO NOT BLINK. Really? Yes, you read that right. When you’re waiting for a gobbler to come a few more yards and he has you pinned, the last thing you want to do is look him in the eye and blink. He WILL see it. Trust me. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. As you’re watching him, he’s watching you. He’s trying to figure out exactly what you are and is looking for a reason to exit stage left. That reason could be a blink.

Fall Asleep

DO NOT FALL ASLEEP. This is a big one. You are sitting in the woods before the sun comes up. You can’t drink coffee because that would fall under the Do Not Move order above. You can’t blink because that also falls under the Do Not Blink order above. Your eyes are glued open, but you are exhausted and ready to fall asleep. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP. Don’t get me wrong. Pulling a strutter in on a string is an adrenaline rush, but if he gets hung up or goes silent, you will want to fall asleep. Don’t do it! He’s still out there and will more than likely commit. He could come in silent and walk right by you when you’re out cold.

Eat a Snack

DO NOT EAT A SNACK. You’ve been sitting for a few hours and hunger strikes. Should you eat a snack? No. Don’t even bring snacks with you as you will be tempted. Leave them in the truck. This falls under the Do Not Move order. The goal of turkey hunting is to hand out a dirt nap, not go for a picnic.

Change Up Your Calling

DO NOT CHANGE UP YOUR CALLING. This is the most challenging because you will want to change up your call type when the bird gets to a certain distance from you. Why did the bird commit in the first place? Because he was attracted to your calling. I understand that you may be using a slate or box call and won’t be able to pull up the gun and shoot when he gets into range. If you’re straight edge and follow the rules, you’ll have to let him walk on by.


I love turkey hunting and the sound of a hammering Tom across the property. I’ve been busted by more turkeys than I care to admit, but facts are facts. I enjoy a good snack and nap in the timber and am as fidgety as the next person. I hope you enjoyed reading this entertaining piece. We want to hear your turkey blooper stories! I know every hunter has them. Send us a message through our contact form here and we’ll feature our favorites. Thanks for reading!

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“Have any other agenda while turkey hunting”

A few days ago I wasn’t having any luck finding a turkey so I decided I would look for Morel mushrooms instead. I went to an area I had found mushrooms in before and just to make sure I made a couple calls with my box call just incase. Upon not hearing any kind of response after a few minutes I started looking for mushrooms. About ten minutes into my looking around I hear something walking in the leaves. I see a turkey walking in my direction about 50 yards away. A nice tom walks up to about 20-25 yards from me and mills around for what seemed to be forever all while I’m standing there staring at him with no face mask, glove or GUN…! He eventually mosey’s on his way and all I can do is stand there and laugh at myself for being an idiot!

A Turkey Fool

We’ve all been there! Thanks for sharing!

Dennis Stokes

As I was sitting in the early morning darkness waiting for a turkey I had hunted for days to sound off I saw a rabbit moving in the brush. He moved away and few minutes later the woods erupted with what sounded like a heard of buffaloes running my way. As I turns out it was the rabbit with a coyote in hot pursuit. The rabbit leaped over my legs and so did the coyote! The coyote did catch the rabbit and as he was eating his breakfast the Tom sounded off and came right into my calls. I got him and started back to my car when I looked up and saw the coyote watching me. I tipped my cap to him and said thanks for the help! True story.

Richard Ruch

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