Integrous Frame

Passion drives detail. Detail drives excellence. Excellence strives for success. After three years in development and 14 generations of design, the Intergrous Frame and suspension is the result of unrelenting passion, detail, excellence, and success. This quality design is the pinnacle in ultralight backpacking frames and suspensions.

Integrous =  “with integrity”

The triaxial weave carbon fiber structure provides the greatest strength to weight ratio on the market. We’ve tested every possible combination of materials. We’ve worked with two engineering firms. We are confident in delivering a frame that is not only comfortable, but provides the ability to haul extremely heavy loads. The key to the frame’s design is its shape. This allows the heaviest load to be positioned in the center of your back by spreading the weight over your hips, minimizing muscle fatigue and shoulder strain. To stay cooler in hot conditions, the shape maintains air flow around your back. The frame also follows the natural curvature of your spine, providing extreme comfort in all conditions.